Who We Fund

Our 100 percent volunteer-based organization operates with no overhead, allowing us to dedicate over 99 percent of our donations to:

Finding a Cure. A portion of our resources goes to research and clinical trials for kids with brain cancer. As of 2019, we have donated a total of $135,750 to cancer research.

Meet Zeke, one of our Grant Recipients who recently benefited from a new clinical trial that stopped his brain tumor from growing.

Local Families. The other portion of our resources financially assists Southwest Florida families who are fighting all types of cancer. Our Grant Program provides money directly to the families. To date, we have provided over $262,025 to over 100 families in Southwest Florida.

Meet some of the growing number of community members Amber’s Antibodies has been able to impact.

It’s your generous donations that make this all possible. By supporting our mission, you are funding the quest to cure cancer and providing financial assistance to members of our community. By supporting our mission, you are making a monumental difference in the lives of those who need it.